7th Mozart Cup 2017

During my first weekend in Salzburg, the city hosted the 7th Mozart Cup, a synchronized skating competition, at the Eisarena. As I had never heard of, let alone seen, this sport (and the fact tickets were only €7 for a full day) I decided to check it out for a few hours with two classmates. … More 7th Mozart Cup 2017

Rupertus Therme

For my first weekend and second full day in Salzburg, I decided on the obvious choice not to discover the city, but to head back into Germany for a spa day at Rupertus Therme in Bad Reichenhall.

Glyptothek Munich

Commissioned by the Bavarian King Ludwig I, the Glyptothek, focusing on ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, is Munich’s oldest public museum. Students the History of European Art class took a trip to this museum to look at three pieces in particular: the “Barberini Faun,” the “Boy with the Goose,” and “Statues of the Pediment of … More Glyptothek Munich


There are many landmarks in Munich, but the tallest has to be the Olympic Tower. Located in Olympiapark, originally built for the 1972 Summer Olympics, the tower stands at an overall elevation of 291.28 metres (955.64 feet). On a good, clear day (a.k.a. not the middle of winter when it has been snowing almost every … More Olympiapark

Hofbräuhaus am Platzl

While an attraction I see as rather overrated, as Munich’s second most famous and visited attraction, coming after Oktoberfest, it seemed only fitting to have our first group dinner at the Hofbräuhaus.