7th Mozart Cup 2017

During my first weekend in Salzburg, the city hosted the 7th Mozart Cup, a synchronized skating competition, at the Eisarena. As I had never heard of, let alone seen, this sport (and the fact tickets were only 7 for a full day) I decided to check it out for a few hours with two classmates.

80 teams from 16 nations were a part of the competition; we saw Austria, Finland, Germany, and the Czech Republic. Like duet skating, there seemed to be certain required moves, including making a circle and skating in split lines. Below are some examples of moves from various teams:


While the repetition of certain moves could get tedious, I was simply fascinated by how the sport worked. It takes a lot of coordination to stay connected to at least five other skaters all moving at different speeds. It was also fun to watch the crowd and see which countries were the most appreciated. I was glad I got to see something new and have a fun afternoon out in the city before starting my first week of school the next day.


One thought on “7th Mozart Cup 2017

  1. The synchronized ice skating event looks fantastic. It’s like synchronized swimming except the water is frozen. I’m glad you got to do something just for fun before you hit the books this week.

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