Mozart Week

Living in Salzburg, there is no way to get away from the classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Every store carries Mozart balls (a candy made of chocolate and marzipan), if not also Mozart perfume or Mozart rubber duckies.

On Mozart’s actual birthday, January 27, both Mozart museums offer free admission and there are various celebrations held around the city. I headed out into the city that evening to get some free birthday cake and then join a tour of Mozart’s Geburtshaus, the museum located at the house where he was born. Though small, the museum provided a good overview of the composer’s family life. It was especially nice to hear specific information about what was in each room from a specific guide.

A slice from one of Mozart’s birthday cakes.

In addition, every year, the International Mozarteum Foundation organizes a series of concerts each January around Mozart’s birthday. Salzburg College took all of us to a concert on January 31 at the Großer Saal Mozarteum. Lasting around an hour, it unfortunately reminded me why I prefer Romantic composers. It was still an enjoyable concert, if only because I got to see a very different orchestra setup and a few unusual instruments, such as a travers-flute.

The ceiling of the Großer Saal Mozarteum.
The organ and set up of the orchestra at the Großer Saal Mozarteum.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Symphony in G major KV 199
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Andante in C major for flute and orchestra KV 315
Joseph Haydn

Concerto in C major für violin and orchestra Hob. VIIa:1
Joseph Haydn

Symphony in C major Hob. I:7 “Le midi”

2 thoughts on “Mozart Week

  1. The Mozart cake looks delicious! I for one will want to hear some Mozart while visiting, so be prepared. I think the candle-light supper at the palace (with performers in costume) would be fun… maybe I should pack my fascinater afterall.


  2. I’m listening to Mozart Radio as I read your post, and I’m very much looking forward to hearing some live music while I’m in Salzburg. The Grober Saal Mozarteum is quite grand, and the pipe organ is absolutely spectacular. Do you know when the Mozarteum was built? I love the gilded accents and the overall “old-worldness” (not a real word; just a fake word) of the hall. I bet the acoustics are amazing. What fun that you were in Salzburg for the observation of Mozart’s birthday. The cake looks delicious – I wonder if chocolate was Mozart’s favorite flavor. We’ve eaten all the Mozart Balls Mom sent us at Christmas, and I’ve vowed to wait until I’m in Salzburg to eat another one. From your report, they are ubiquitous there.


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