Prague: The Castle Complex

We began our only full day in Prague by getting breakfast at Bohemia Bagel as it was a short walk from the Airbnb (also who doesn’t like bagels?). The food here was amazing and we ended up going again the next morning as well.

I ordered a cream cheese, lox, and onion sandwich, my favorite bagel combination.
Both Haley and Michael got the chocolate bagel french toast topped with lots of butter and apple slices.

After finishing up at the cafe, we headed towards the “castle complex,” so-called because it encompasses a number of buildings, from the Old Royal Palace to the St. Vitus Cathedral. As it is located on top of a hill, as most castles are, we followed all the tourists up stone road at the end of which there would have been a great view if it were not for all the fog.

The classic red roofs of Prague with the main city covered in fog.
A little cafe hidden in the wall of one of the castle’s entrances.


Upon reaching the top, we were confused to see a huge gathering of people all in front of the castle gates. Amazingly we had appeared just as the changing of the guards began. Trumpets played from the windows of one of the castle buildings and everyone surged forward to see the guards march through the gates. I chose to stay back, hence the lack of pictures.

After the ceremony ended, we lined up to get into the complex at which point Michael left to go explore on his own. Luckily, the line moved fast because it was just to get through a metal detector and have someone look through our bags. We also didn’t get tickets to see any of the exhibits as you could still walk around for free. The highlight of the complex was the St. Vitus Cathedral.

One of the stained glass windows from inside the cathedral.
Standing at around 97 metres, the top of the cathedral seemed to dissolve into the sky
The main door to the cathedral, though to get in you used two side doors.


After touring the complex, we headed back into the city with one goal in mind: to try a trdelník. As a classic pastry of Prague, it is a must to try it at least once. We ended up, due to a recommendation from one of Haley’s friends who is studying abroad here, at a place called Good Food. Basically, a trdelník is a hollow pastry that is traditionally covered in sugar and nuts. Both J.T. and I got ours with chocolate spread on the inside, while Haley and Sarah got theirs with ice cream.

The beginning of the cooking process.
The pastry as it gets its nice golden colour.
Sarah and I on a bench outside the shop. Photo courtesy of Sarah.
Haley, Sarah, and I posing with our treats. Photo courtesy of Sarah.

After finishing our snacks, we split up until dinner. J.T. went back to the Airbnb while Haley, Sarah, and I went to the Cafe Louvre. Built in 1902, this cafe has had guests such as Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein, though it was closed for many years after the 1948 coup. The highlight of this was getting hot chocolate, which in Prague literally means a small cup of liquid chocolate. After we finished, Sarah, who had bought tickets to a performance of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons,” headed to her concert while Haley and I went back to the Airbnb to rest up before dinner at a local restaurant.


4 thoughts on “Prague: The Castle Complex

  1. Wow! You and your friends packed a lot of activity into your time in Prague. All the places you visited were very beautiful, especially the cathedral. I love the little coffee shop tucked into the castle wall. What great fun discovering some of the little hidden gems in a city full of visual wonders. All the food looks fantastic. Makes me hungry just to look at it. And I see that your well-traveled jacket is with you on this trip too. Your postcard from Prague arrived today – a nice complement to your blog post.

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