Fasching is the Carnival season of the German-speaking countries. It starts on the 11th day of November at exactly 11 minutes after 11am and ends at the stroke of midnight on Fat Tuesday (the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday). In Salzburg, there was a parade the Saturday before Ash Wednesday and many of us decided to … More Fasching

Day Trip to Graz

The second-largest city in Austria (first being of course Vienna), Graz is a university town where a friend of Haley’s is studying abroad. For this reason, she went on a day trip to visit the city and meet up with him and a few of us (Evan, Michael, and I) tagged along. As the bus … More Day Trip to Graz

Ljubljana: Lake Bled

Our (Haley, Michael, and I) two-day trip to Ljubljana consisted of two half day trips, the first of which was to Lake Bled (Blejsko jezero), a scenic area that includes a lake, an island, and a castle. Only about 55km from the city center, it makes for an easy and cheap bus ride. We left … More Ljubljana: Lake Bled

Ljubljana: The City

Due to cheap train tickets, Haley, Michael, and I decided to take a weekend trip to the capital of Slovenia: Ljubljana. The downside to this lack of cost was the fact the train Thursday night left at 1:30 in the morning. Being young and wanting to see the world, we decided this would give us … More Ljubljana: The City