Ljubljana: Lake Bled

Our (Haley, Michael, and I) two-day trip to Ljubljana consisted of two half day trips, the first of which was to Lake Bled (Blejsko jezero), a scenic area that includes a lake, an island, and a castle. Only about 55km from the city center, it makes for an easy and cheap bus ride. We left in the afternoon and spent a few hours walking the lakeside, exploring the castle, and getting dinner.

Bled Castle, which overlooks Lake Bled and Bled Island.

The oldest castle in Slovenia, it was first mentioned in 1011 before being passed to the house of Habsburg in 1278. Today, the complex consists of a restaurant, a museum, and a winery selling products made by priests. We explored the latter two, even buying a bottle of wine as a souvenir, though that ended up breaking later in the night.

A little patio cafe inside the castle walls.
A well located in the center of the castle.
The Castle Chapel with a museum next door.

The other big attraction here is Bled Island. The main attraction here is the pilgrimage church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary from the late 17th century. We chose not to go here due to the steep prices; you need to first pay to get a boat to the island and then pay for any attractions. It was still beautiful to look at however.

The author sitting on the castle walls with Bled Island and the lake behind her. Photo courtesy of Haley Meissen.

Last but not least we got dinner at a local restaurant that focused on seafood (I ordered a salmon gnocchi). We then got the bus back in the rain and spent the rest of the night planning for the next day.


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