Ljubljana: Škocjan Caves

One of Slovenia’s three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Škocjan Caves made a second great day trip from Ljubljana. Located in the Karst Plateau, it was easy to book a bus from the main train station and then take a free shuttle bus to the actual caves. Located around the caves are the villages of Škocjan, Betanja, and Matavun along with a nature trail. These are good to explore if, as we did, you arrive a good hour before the tour time (there is no option to explore the cave system on your own in the winter).

A view of one of the small villages above the cave entrance and river (This can be more clearly seen in the header photo).

The two-hour guided tour begins 600m from the ticket office to the entrance in the Globočak Valley. Here they split our large group into two: one for English and one for Slovene. No photos were allowed inside the caves.

The entrance to the caves.

After walking through a 116m-long tunnel built in 1933, you come to Silent Cave, a dry branch filled with stalactites and stalagmites, many of which make shapes such as a bear. There are three sections here, ending with the Great Hall, 120m wide and 30m high.

As you enter the Murmuring Cave, you begin to hear the sound of the Reka River as it travels underground. To get over the river and into the next section, you are able to cross the Cerkevnik Bridge which hangs nearly 50m above the riverbed providing great views. Along with the natural formations, we could also see the natural remnants of previous tour paths and where floods had occurred leaving tree branches above our heads.

The final section, Schmidl Hall, emerges into the Velika Dolina (Big Valley) where you walk past Tominč Cave. After leaving the caves you take a short walk around the river going upwards. The tour ends at a funicular lift that takes you close to the ticket center.

The view as you exit the cave system.
An image of the cave exit (or entrance depending on your point of view; the room we begin the tour in was not discovered for decades after the original caves were found).
The funicular taken to get back up the hillside.


As we had a good hour before we could catch our bus back to Ljubljana, we decided to walk around one of the small villages we had seen from the nature trail.

A small museum that was built in the traditional methods.
The church tower and a welcome mural from the Tourist Association.
A yellow complex of homes.
A seating area attached to the yellow building.
The author in front of an old wooden door that seems to hide a secret garden. Photo courtesy of Haley Meissen.

After getting to see a little of the village, we headed back to town on the shuttle bus and bought a ticket back to Ljubljana where we explored the city in the evening and got dinner.


3 thoughts on “Ljubljana: Škocjan Caves

  1. Your photos depict a place that almost takes you back in time. Even though the weather still looks quite cold, the grayness adds to the timelessness of the village. I’ve read about the caves and I’m really glad you got a chance to visit them with yourt friends.

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  2. The caves look like great fun to tour. The photo of the exit (or entrance) gives a good idea of the scale of the opening with tourists walking on the pathway next to it. It’s really big and kind of other-worldly looking. Our parents used to take your Mom and me to visit caves on some of our summer trips. I always loved being inside the caves seeing the interesting geological formations and underground rivers. I love the photo of you next to the Secret Garden door. The villages are picturesque, and I’m glad to see you had good weather for your expedition.

    Liked by 1 person

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