Fasching is the Carnival season of the German-speaking countries. It starts on the 11th day of November at exactly 11 minutes after 11am and ends at the stroke of midnight on Fat Tuesday (the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday). In Salzburg, there was a parade the Saturday before Ash Wednesday and many of us decided to check it out.

The parade itself began with a series of kids lined up and cracked their whips, the loud sound meant to drive away winter. Below is a video of the event.

One of the whip-crackers at the Fasching Parade.

Following the demonstration came the actual parade.

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There were also a number of floats, though much different from what we see in the US. The focus is much more on drinking and dancing on the back of tractor trailers to different themes, from gorillas to the 80’s.

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In addition to the general floats, there were also a few political ones aimed at the US.

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Last but not least, there were also a few live animals, mainly horses, at the parade.

A horse and rider circling a float about cavemen.
The classic horses pulling the beer cart.

3 thoughts on “Fasching

  1. Very entertaining! What a wild parade. The kids must have loved getting to crack those whips. That looks very satisfying to do. There’s going to be a new festival here in Duvall this coming Saturday – the March of the Vegetables – honoring the small organic farms in the Snoqualmie Valley. People have been attending workshops to design and make veggie-related costumes and props over the winter. The parade starts at 1500, and I hope to be back from watching the Metropolitan Opera’s live broadcast of a matinee performance of “Ideomeneo” at the movie theater in Redmond in time to see exactly what it’s all about. Maybe an insect costume like the ones in your photo would be appropriate. I do have butterfly and bumblebee costumes in the costume closet. “Hair Force One” is pretty amusing. I feel embarrassed and ashamed to have #35 as the president of our country. I cringed when I saw the video of him refusing to shake hands with Angela Merkel. Such a nasty man (to turn his own words back on him). The parade horses are all beautiful. And it looks like everyone had a perfect sunny day for the event. Good times.

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  2. I would have loved to have watched the parade and be part of the festivities. I remember being very confused about Aldi selling “Halloween” costumes after Halloween. (I think you wound up wearing a costume to school twice that year.) So fun to experience other cultural traditions!

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