Spring Break: First Day in Greece

The day after getting back from Vienna, five of us (Haley, Jocelyn, J.T., Sarah, and I) flew to Athens, Greece for our first week of Spring Break. Jocelyn flew out a few hours before, while the rest of us traveled together. To get to the airport, we had to take a two-hour bus from Salzburg to Munich (€7) and then a 40 minute train ride to the actual station (€11.50). Everything went smoothly through security and boarding; Haley and I even got to sit next to each other. Only a 2 hour and 25 minute flight on Aegean, we were served hard candies at the beginning and then lunch consisting of pasta with tomato sauce and zucchini. This was quite a surprise as most of us are used to American flights where even if you fly coast to coast no food is provided.

The plane flying over the coast of Greece.

After landing, picking up our bags (Aegean let some of us check for free), and going through customs, we met up with Joc and met the car sent by our Airbnb host. It was about a 40 minute ride overall and gave us an interesting overview of Athens.

From left to right: Haley, Joc, me, and Sarah, all in the back of a car.

Athens was really nothing like I expected, not that I really know what this was. Everything has an aura of “sketchiness” that really freaked some people out, though it was manageable once you realized the whole city was this way and it actually wasn’t as dangerous as it looked.

Located in such a neighbourhood, our Airbnb was located in a building featuring broken glass. Luckily our apartment windows were fine and the apartment worked, though it was a little older leading to some rules such as turning on and off the water heater. The view, however, was the main reason we chose the location.

The daytime view from our Airbnb balcony featuring the Acropolis.
The local Greek Orthodox Church we could see from the Airbnb balcony.
The nighttime view from our Airbnb balcony featuring the Acropolis.

By the time we got settled, it was time for dinner. Located right down the street was Rakor, a modern Greek restaurant that serves seasonal menus that include vegetarian options. We chose to share the cheese plate and then each ordered our own dish, mine being chicken with a sauce of sun-dried tomatoes all over rice. It provided a good end to a long day of traveling.

The cheese plate at Rakor.
A chicken dish with a sauce of sun-dried tomatoes from Rakor.

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