Leaving Salzburg for the Last Time

Our last week in Salzburg was mostly spent stressing about our finals, packing, and canceling our residency. The evening before our official departure date, Salzburg College hosted an official leaving ceremony and reception. It was a good way to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments through the program and then eat and drink our way through the sorrow of leaving.

The next morning, I met Michael in a middle of a snowstorm at the train station at the ungodly hour of 4:30am to take a train to Munich’s main station. Reaching the German city at around 8am, we then had to transfer to another train where we spent 45 minutes packed in like sardines before reaching the airport. After going checking in our bags, we said our goodbyes while he left to grab breakfast and I joined the long security line. I grabbed breakfast on the side and had a short wait before boarding my flight to Dublin. There, I went through U.S. customs and waited a couple of hours before my flight to Los Angeles where I met my father in sunny California, officially concluding my four months abroad.

It is always hard to leave the city and country that has become your home and it is no easier to write about the experience a few months later. While I do not necessarily miss the city itself, simply being able to constantly experience new things is something I crave once more. I also cannot claim I have had some kind of revolution in the way I think about the world and the people I come in contact with. I am lucky enough to still stay in touch with a few students I became close friends with and will always remember the experiences we all shared.



One thought on “Leaving Salzburg for the Last Time

  1. What amazing experiences you had during your time based in Salzburg. It sounds like you’ll be able to satisfy your wanderlust this summer with a trip to Puerto Rico. It’s wonderful that you made good friends and will keep in touch with them. Who knows when you might see them again?


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